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sherry roberts



Hello Friends,

        My name is Sherry Roberts and I am a native Rhode Islander, born and raised in this beautiful Ocean State. After studying at URI and with hard work, I bought a home in West Greenwich nearly 13 years ago where I also raised my own children as a single mother who became well acquainted with jumping hurdles and overcoming the setbacks that are common to Rhode Islanders.

        During that time, I acquired the motivational incentive to run for office upon realizing the critical need of change enactment for Rhode Island's stifling economy. Simply put, at this juncture in time, we can no longer withstand the declining economic conditions by continuing down the same path, as we watch our residents and businesses pick-up and leave State.  With skyrocketing taxes and ever increasing expenses,  our children's dream of a college education also appears increasingly unattainable. Therefore, we must act now to initiate change which further enables small businesses to prosper and promote job growth to strengthen our economy. Now that I am elected, I plan to oppose legislation that increases taxes or newly imposed fees while advocating for Fiscal Accountability, Transparency and restoring Honesty back to Rhode Island Government.

        In addition, I have also identified several areas where legislative action has been neglected and should be considered for introduction, modification and/or review concerning the well-being and safety of our elderly, our children, and animals who are unable to help themselves; just to name a few.

        Other interesting facts about me are that while I share Conservative Republican ideologies, I break the rules for what a stereotyped Republican is supposed to be. As such, I'm not motivated by party or special interests; I'm motivated by my conscience and the voice of the people. Further, now that I am elected, I will strive for excellence and stand by my principles.

         Be assured, I am working hard on your behalf serving as your State Representative.

                                                                                                                                    Truly Yours,
                                                                                                                                    Sherry Roberts

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